free music distribution

Making music is a passion for many people, whether you are a singer, or a drummer, a guitar player, a violinist, or anything in between, if you make music, you probably want a way to get it out to the masses, a way for other people to hear what you make. This is where music distribution comes in. Music distribution is the way in which music reaches consumers. Most of the time you will hear about distribution companies which sign artists and distribute their music for them in exchange for a percentage of the profits.

Some major distribution companies include CD Baby, DistroKid, Loudr, and TuneCore. There are various ways of going about getting your sic distributed with these companies. But be warned, it is not the easiest process and may take a while to accomplish.

However there are increasingly more free, online music distribution options, where there are no contracts or someone taking your money.

A major benefit and a large part of the appeal of online music distribution sites is that you get to keep almost all of the money you make from selling your music.

Possibly the best option out there right now is One Way Distro offers free music distribution directly to tons of major sites and stores, including Spotify and itunes. Another great part is that you keep all of the copyrights and up to 90% of royalties. Which is really great compared to some other music distribution methods which may take up to 50% of your royalties. One Way Distro also has super fast delivery so your music is available practically right away.

One Way Distro is definitely the site I would recommend for people looking for a way to distribute their music with no barriers or contracts. The website itself is really easy to use and offers anybody a way to get their music out.

I was able to sign up in just a couple minutes by entering some basic info – name, email, etc. – and from there I was able to start distributing music right away. The entire process of uploading and distributing your music is really streamlined and easy to follow. You can choose to either release a single or an album, then you upload the tracks and fill in some info, and before you know it your music will be available to purchase on major digital music stores.

Withdrawing your profits is also really easy, and One Way Distro provides monthly sales reports as well. This makes it easy to track profits and expenses and shows you what kind of growth you are making with your music. After using the site for a couple months, I can say that it has definitely helped to have those sales reports.

One Way Distro is just a music distributor, they are not a producer, composer, or anything else. This means they will not make your music sound better or edit it, they will distribute it as it is. So make sure your songs are good enough to be released and are worth buying before you distribute them. The more time and effort you invest in your music before you release it, the more likely it is that it will sell. Instead of rushing through the music making process just to get something out there, take the time to make sure that it is a great piece. This can be a great way to get discovered and possibly even take your music career to the next level. But the first step is signing up for One Way Distro.

basement waterproofing

You may have heard of Toronto basement waterproofing companies, but have you heard of foundation waterproofing? While they sometimes go hand in hand, if you have an issue with your foundation and leakage or seeping, you may want to hire a foundation waterproofing company that specializes in correcting these issues.

It’s worth noting that just because foundation is solid, thick, and can keep out a lot, that doesn’t mean it’s waterproof – in fact, your typical concrete isn’t anywhere near waterproof. While there may be some cracks here and there, the composition of the material is what keeps most of the water out; however, there are some that aren’t so lucky, and waterproofing is needed.

What Happens During Foundation Waterproofing?

When your foundation is being corrected regarding waterproofing, the primary goal of the contractor is to ensure that the water is being drained and taken away from the foundation. Sometimes, though, it’s easier said than done, and a professional foundation waterproofing company is a must. The aforementioned is due to the fact that the topography, climate, soil conditions, and foundation depth are factors in a successful foundation waterproofing session.

You may find that your contractor presents the following solutions when waterproofing your foundation:

  • Water draining away from the foundation’s bottom half
  • Treatment on the walls of the foundation for moisture prevention
  • Treatment on the ground surface area that’s adjacent to your building’s foundation to ensure that the water is directed away from your building

For ground surface treatments, you may see a few of these procedures done:

A foundation waterproofing company may set you up or guide you towards someone that can install a thorough gutter system. An efficient gutter system will collect all of the water and take it away from your home, rather than let it sit and dampen the foundation. Normally, a proper gutter system will take the water away at a minimum of 10 feet. You also don’t want to settle for the smallest components either, as you’ll see that there would be more overflowing and issues for your foundation to combat.

Another procedure that is done is to compact backfill in lifts around the walls of the foundation. If you don’t, you may see that it will cause a reverse slope to occur, encouraging water to come closer to the foundation.

Speaking of proximity to the foundation, you should be aware that tress shouldn’t be as close to your foundation. For example, the general rule from the Department of Housing and Urban development is that the height of the tree should be the distance from your house. If not, you’ll find that roots will clog drain pipes and other systems implemented for water drainage. The bigger the tree, the farther away from the house it should be.

It’s also worth mentioning that with these resolutions, you may find that you’ll need to re-address and maintain with a professional to ensure that everything is continuously in working order. If you leave it for too long without addressing, you may find that you’ve been allowing your solutions to become vulnerable – which may encourage water to come back. Maintenance is key when combatting anything, and being a homeowner means being responsible for these things.


At the end of the day, you should seek out a foundation waterproofing company in Toronto that will offer a proper resolution for your foundation issues. Even if you don’t have any currently, but want to implement maintenance strategies, a company specializing in such can aid you properly. If you do have problems with your foundation, the proper contractor can also assist you with waterproofing your basement, as well.

Whether it is a two wheeler, or a car, there is no doubt that it is powered by batteries initially and then gasoline and other fuel take care of the movement of the car. Batteries are also extremely useful to light up the vehicle, apart from ensuring the air conditioning system, exhaust system, the horns and other important accessories function properly. We usually do not have a problem with batteries when they are new. Today, batteries come with an expensive price tag attached to it and therefore we should try and find out that we are able to derive the best value for money out of them.

It is therefore quite common for many battery owners to find out ways by which they can extend the life of these batteries. Apart from use in two wheelers, cars, and large vehicles, batteries also find use in various other domestic and commercial applications. In this article, we will try and learn more about EZ battery reconditioning which according to many customers could help in giving a new lease of life to batteries. There are clearly divided opinions regarding the usefulness and utility of this battery reconditioning option. We will take some inputs from some reputed ez battery reconditioning course reviews and find out whether the product is worth buying or it is just like any other scam which promises the moon but lets customers down badly once the product arrives home.

What This Program All About

The EZ Battery Recondition Program is basically an online PDF guide which supposedly comes with a step by step approach. The steps are easy to follow and could help in reconditioning old batteries or even give a new lease of life to dead batteries. The reason why it is evincing so much interest is because that it is easy to follow and one can give a new life to used batteries using simple household materials. Though manufacturers of batteries state that they have a life of around four to five years, in reality they are much less and seldom does it exceed two years. However, when one tries to learn more about this maintenance and reconditioning process, they will certainly be in for some pleasant surprise. The program has been designed and thought out by Tom Ericson and it has certainly stood the test of time.

What Does It Offer

Apart from helping customers to find out how to fix old batteries, it also teaches them the basics regarding testing of batteries. This is very important because it goes a long way in helping the users to find out how strong or weak the battery is. It teaches end users to learn how to use multi meters and other such devices to test the condition of the battery. There could be other products in the market place which could claim to help find out the condition of the batteries. However, their readings and findings may not be always accurate and therefore users often could be misled by the findings and end up damaging the batteries beyond repair.

They Are Reasonably Priced

Apart from being able to help customers to come out with the right solutions for re fixing old and dead batteries, the entire course is also reasonably priced. Therefore even an ordinary two wheeler owner or car owner can easily buy this product and within a short period of time be in a position to bring back damaged or dead batteries back to life. It certainly will help customers to get the best value for money at all points of time. They also come with guarantee and warranty which makes it even more special from the customers’ perspective.