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The Story of Butterfly World


To establish Butterfly World as a world class visitor attraction and by so doing, raise awareness of the environmental needs of the most beautiful and fragile representation of nature- The Butterfly

This £27 million project was conceived by Clive Farrell, a butterfly fanatic and lepidopterist whose dream was to create a tribute to the butterfly and a dedicated centre of learning for the preservation of this fragile and beautiful species. Along with the support of our patrons (who include Sir David Attenborough, Professor Dr David Bellamy, Alan Titchmarsh, Emilia Fox and Baroness Helena Kennedy) the project was launched in March 2008 at an event at the Royal Society in London.

The site was created in the shape of a butterfly's head and the designer gardens competition, Future Gardens, was launched in 2009. The wildflower meadows were created and Ivan Hicks' gardens were also opened, plus a cafe, shop and plant boutique. We celebrated the Very Hungry Caterpillar's 40th birthday too in 2009.

The education focus is launched next, to include the Butterfly Breeding House, the Insect Study Centre, the Chrysalis Lake, new gardens, picnic areas and the developing children's play area. The Nectar House Cafe and new shop are opened too and the landscape is very much more developed. Further development of the site included the addition of an exhibition of Leafcutter Ants, and the exciting extension of the childrens play area.

Tropical butterfly