Wounded gut – the leading cause of weight gain

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I just read an article that seemed really interesting, and I thought that I would share the info with you. I was searching all kinds of healthy ways to lose weight besides diets because I’m done with them after failing every time I tried one.

Anyway, the article was describing the way in which a long time ago farmers were giving antibiotics to their livestock to keep them healthy and then they noticed something bizarre. All their pigs, chickens and cows were free of infections, but they were also getting fatter.

After that, since the early ‘50s, antibiotics were given to livestock to control and avoid infection and boost their weight on the scale. It seems that antibiotics do not make only animals fatter, but humans as well. You must have heard by now that conventionally farmed meat is usually loaded with tons of antibiotics. The main problem with antibiotic consumption is that they wipe out our inner ecosystem and they also destroy our good bacteria from the gut.

Five ways in which harmed gut leads to weight gain

Here is what I learned about the ways in which the gut health influences our weight:

  1. The metabolism

The gut bacteria harvest energy from the foods that we eat, and some of them harvest more than others. It seems that the bacteria living in our guts provide up to 10% of our daily calories.

  1. The hormonal balance

The gut bacteria regulate the release of the gut hormones, and these are the hormones that control blood sugar and encourage the feeling of satiety.

  1. Genetics

The genetic element also shapes our inner ecosystem, and for instance, mutations are able to affect the levels of leptin – a satiety hormone that is associated with fat-forming bacteria.

  1. Inflammation

The unhealthy gut bacteria can produce toxins that trigger a systemic inflammatory response. These toxins have higher levels in the people who struggle with overweight and obesity.

  1. Leaky Gut

The leaky gut is also known as intestinal inflammation, and this leads to obesity. A leaky gut involves a leaky barrier in the gut that allows the toxins to make their way into the bloodstream.

The whole conclusion was that with the help of probiotics you are able to fix all these gut issues that eventually lead to weight gain. If you’re wondering how can probiotics help, well, they can restore the healthy inner ecosystem that was once destroyed by antibiotics and unhealthy lifestyle.

Including probiotics in your daily diet

The main thing I learned during my weight loss journey was that after the inner ecosystem is healthy, you will naturally drop excessive weight. It’s not hard at all, and you just have to include probiotic foods or supplements into your daily diet. Such foods are cultured vegetables, kefir, and yogurt and these will literally increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut. It’s that simple and easy to lose weight with these probiotic supplements. This leads to eliminating inflammation and harmful bacteria.

The diet with probiotics was the only thing that helped me to lose weight and what I want you to remember was that this whole thing was possible because my gut was healing. And as my gut was getting healthier, the stubborn unhealthy fat from my body started to disappear.

I was never a fan of natural solutions because I always felt that medication and treatment would work best to solve any problem, not only excessive weight. But now, I really want to start promoting this natural weight loss way because it’s the easiest one I tried and it also provides the best results that last in the long term as well.

You can read the studies related to antibiotics that I was telling you about at the beginning of this post if you want to. Here it is: Jukes, T. H., & Williams, W. L. (1953). Nutritional effects of antibiotics. Pharmacological reviews.