How I found Kik friends

kik usernames

This is how I met Andrew before Valentine’s Day.

I’m probably the shyest person that you’ll ever meet, and this is why my friends convinced me that I should try my luck on Kik to get to know someone because I have been single since quite a while now. Most of my friends have Kik profiles, and I decided to make one myself. Every time we go out somewhere by best friends all have their phones out that their eyes on the screens, swiping and chatting all evening. I am not the type of person that hangs around on Tinder and such kinds of apps, but I thought to myself that if I give Kik a try, this cannot hurt. I don’t have to make a boyfriend necessarily, and all I may do online is chat with someone because it’s true that I have been isolated enough since I broke up with my horrible ex.

Anyway, after I made a Kik profile, the next thing was finding friends who I could talk to. I didn’t know how exactly to do this in order to be able to avoid all kinds of weirdos. A friend of my recommended me this website and told me that it would turn out to be more than useful. It’s supposed to help you find new friends on Kik. The website is pretty easy to use even for a noob like myself, and you are able to search for new Kik friends by gender, age, orientation, and country. I submitted my own Kik usernames, and that was it.

I checked out both female and male list in this website to see more people because as I already told you I was not necessarily interested in making a boyfriend, all I wanted is getting to know new people. I found a bunch of users who seemed interesting, and I chatted a bit with them, but it turned out that I had a few things in common only with one of them, Andrew. I didn’t want anything particular, all I wanted was to chat about life, movies and so on. I discovered that he likes Stranger Things as well and I must admit that I am a crazy fan myself and this was the subject that we chatted about for two days. I have been taking to Andrew for a week now, and he asked me to go out to the movies for Valentine’s Day. At first, I was not sure what to answer by my friends keep nagging me and telling me that I should definitely go.

I decided that I’ll go and only the thought of having to dress nice and go out makes me really excited. I don’t know why I was so terrified of making this Kik profile and meeting someone because now it doesn’t seem such a big deal anymore. One of the best things I found out about is this website that I was telling you about,, because you can easily find the people who are eligible to talk to. Tomorrow I’m going to see Andrew and see how it all works out.